A Peek Inside the Mind of a Burglar

Picture of a burglar in a dark house

Ever wonder what goes through the mind of a burglar? How do they choose a home to target? What is their preferred method of breaking in? Here we take you inside the mind of a burglar to help you stay one step ahead and keep your home safe and secure.

What a Burglar Looks for when Targeting a Home

When a burglar is deciding on a home to target, you won’t find them walking around in their traditional cat burglar uniform. Instead, they will likely be posing as electric, cable or phone repairman, or if they want take closer look, they may even post a flyer to your door. A burglar will typically scout a neighborhood between 10-3pm, which is when most people are at work.

Here are some common attributes they look for in a home:

  • High Privacy Fences. This ensures neighbors won’t see them and won’t call the police.

  • High Vegetation. This includes trees and shrubby. Plenty of cover is always best.

  • Toys in Yard. Toys means kids, which typically indicates a mom lives there. And that means jewelry.

  • Home Security Alarm. A home security alarm makes a burglar’s job a lot harder. Many times if they see an alarm, they will move on to the next house.

How a Burglar Breaks into Your Home

Once a burglar has scoped out the area, they will then proceed with the break-in, which almost always happens the same way.

First, a burglar will knock on the door to see if anyone is home. If someone does answer, they will come up with some bogus story to not seem suspicious.

Next, a burglar will check the front and back doors to see if they are unlocked or if the owners have hidden a key anywhere. If that doesn’t work, they will move on to the windows. As a last resort, they won’t hesitate to break a window to get in.

Burglars can also break into a home by picking a lock, copying your key or even by using a crowbar. If they can’t make it into your house within 1 minute, they will move on to the next house.

What Happens Once a Burglar has Invaded Your Home

Once a burglar is in your home, they will work quickly to get in and out as fast as possible. The first place a burglar will go is the master bedroom, where they will look for cash, jewelry and other valuable items. 

Next, they will check the bathroom for prescription pills.

Finally, they will head to the living room and kitchen to look for electronics, credit cards, car keys and personal information.

Once done, they will call their backup driver to help load all the goods. Then, they will move on to the next target.

Protect Your Home from Burglars

When your home is burglarized, it can be a scary experience. There are ways you can avoid a burglar. The best way is to get a home security system. You can also keep a T.V. on during the day or get a dog. 

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