NCA Security System
Mobile App Access


MPower your NCA account by having 24/7/365 online access.  Access your alarm history, place your system on test, review your account data and other features via our MPower for Subscribers services!

MPower is a powerful web-accessed alarm database and account management tool specifically designed to “MPower” you by providing tools that are timesaving, simple, and convenient.


You must be a NCA customer and have online access to use the portion of our service. If you do not have access call the following phone number Monday-Friday 8am-5pm: (615) 777-7622.

How to Add App to Home Screen:


Step 1:

  • On your iPhone, navigate to
  • From the login page, tap the ‘+’ sign on the menu bar at the bottom of your screen
  • Select ‘Add to Home Screen’
  • You should have a NCA icon on the home screen with the words ‘MPower Me’ underneath
  • Tap the icon to open NCA’s MPower Me

Step 2:

  • When your page loads it should look like the following:

Step 3:

  • Enter your Receiver Number, Account Number & Passcode as shown below.


(Depending on your Android device, these instructions may vary slightly)

  • On your Android, navigate
  • Press your menu button
  • Under the menu options, choose ‘Add bookmark’, then OK
  • Go back to the home screen
  • Press and hold a blank part of your home screen where you want the NCA MPower Me icon
  • A menu will appear, choose ‘Shortcuts’
  • Choose ‘Bookmark’
  • Select the NCA MPower Me bookmark
  • You should have a NCA icon on your home screen with the words ‘MPower Me’ underneath
  • Tap the icon to open NCA’s MPower Me

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