5 Home Security Myths

Picture of the words "myths" and "facts" on a balance

When it comes to home security, you don’t want to take any chances. Join us as we separate fact from fiction, as we go over the top 5 home security myths.

1. It Costs Too Much

Ever thought a home security system might be too expensive for you?

Well, when you total the numbers, a home alarm system will only run you about $100 per month the first year. That’s taking into account the average installation cost of $650 and the average monthly monitoring fee of $30.

This is truly a small price to pay when you consider the protection a home security system offers your family and belongings.

2. My Pet is Enough Home Security For Me

If you own a dog, you may think it offers enough protection for you and your family.

And while a pet can add an extra layer of security to your home, they can easily be swayed by a tasty treat or attacked by an intruder. And no dog is smart enough to call the police.

3. Nothing Will Stop a Burglar if They Really Want to Get In

60% of burglars would retreat from a home if they discovered the home had a home security system, according a study done by the University of North Carolina.

Burglars want to take the least amount of risk possible. So, the more secure your home seems, the less likely it will become a target.

4. Burglars Can Just Cut the Line

Thanks to modern advancements in security technology, most home security alarm systems can actually operate wirelessly, which means burglars cannot simply cut a phone line to disable a home security system.

In addition, this eliminates the need to have a phone line before installing a home alarm system and also means you will be protected in the event of a power outage.

5. My Home isn’t a Target for Intrusion

Crooks have vehicles. And they can travel to any location.

Anyone who has ever suffered a break-in thought their home was safe at one time. It can be difficult to regain that sense of peace and security after you have experienced a break-in.

Adding a home security system to your home provides an extra layer of defence against potential intruders. Learn more about defending your home from intruders by checking out our blog on the top 5 home security mistakes.