NCA History & Leadership


About NCA Alarms

Co-founded in 1997 by Jimmy Stein and Shooter Stein, National Certified Alarms, Inc. identified and addressed a clear demand within the Nashville community: the need for affordable alarm monitoring services. More than 20 years after serving its first customer, NCA serves now thousands of households throughout the greater Nashville area at the same low signature rate of $9.95 a month.


The NCA Leadership Team

Shooter Stein, CEO / President, National Certified Alarms, Inc

Shooter Stein

CEO/President, National Certified Alarms, Inc.

After graduating from Nashville’s Montgomery Bell Academy and the College of Charleston, 
Shooter Stein went on to forge a rewarding career in marketing, where he gained experience working for a national agency, a publishing company, and doing direct marketing for the trucking industry. Shooter co-founded National Certified Alarms, Inc. with his father, Jimmy in December of 1997. Shooter Stein is a certified “Qualifying Agent” by the Tennessee Alarm Contractors Board. He lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife and 2 daughters.

Joseph Michael McCullen (Joey) Vice President of Operations NCA Alarms Nashville TN

Joseph “Joey” Michael McCullen

Vice President of Operations

Born in Louisiana, Joey moved to Nashville in 1987. After graduating from Mt. Juliet High School, he began working at Entergy Integrated Solutions and during his six years with the company, Joey became a lead technician focusing on electric power production. He transitioned into the security industry in 1995 and joined the NCA family in 1999. He plays a vital role in our day-to-day operations, working closely with the service, sales, and installations departments. He’s fully certified by the Alarm Contractors Board of Tennessee. 

James A. Stein, also known as Jimmy: 1937-2012 Founder of National Certified Alarms called NCA Alarms located in Nashville TN

James “Jimmy” A. Stein (1937-2012)


Jimmy Stein, a native of Missouri, moved to Nashville in 1939. He graduated from Hillsboro High School and Vanderbilt University. He co-founded NCA in 1997 with the goal of providing quality service at an affordable price. The NCA team is proud to carry on Jimmy’s legacy and to maintain our reputation for providing expert alarm installations and excellent service at an affordable price. 


NCA Company Timeline


NCA has a long history of vision and excellence in the home and commercial security industries. See where we’ve been and where we’re going!

Jimmy Stein in 1974 sitting looking at a folder portfolio at an office desk - NCA Alarms Nashville TN

1974 - The Early Days

Jimmy Stein buys a small alarm company with 40 accounts in Nashville and names it Allied Security Systems.

1974 - First Allied Security Systems Van

To better serve customers, Jimmy purchases a new Chevy van, pictured in front of Allied Security Systems’s first location in Belle Meade, TN.

First Allied Security Systems van in 1974 located in Belle Meade - NCA Alarms Nashville TN
New Allied Security Systems building in 1976, brick faced building with porch and covering - NCA Alarms Nashville TN

1976 - New Digs!

Allied Security constructs a new home to accommodate the growing company and its Central Station on 4th Avenue in downtown Nashville, TN.

1997 - NCA is launched

NCA is launched, featuring $9.95 home alarm monitoring services. A rate the company stands by 20 years later. 

Jack Cothren, Jimmy Stein and Shooter Stein in front of sign with the company logo in December 1997 - NCA Alarms Nashville TN
White NCA Alarms work van with brand name and monitoring price on the side - NCA Alarms Nashville TN

1998 - NCA starts to roll

NCA-branded vans begin to show up on Nashville’s streets and the young company leases office space at Cummins Stations.

1999 - NCA purchases new home

Rapid growth proves Stein’s theory to be true: people were ready for great service at affordable rates. The company purchases a building in downtown Nashville at 3304 Charlotte Ave. You can find us here today!

Front of the NCA two story building from 1999 - NCA Alarms Nashville TN
NCA Alarm sign displayed amongst the greenery by a sidewalk with the name, logo and website address - NCA Alarms Nashville TN  

2003 - Customer Milestone

Thousands, not hundreds, are now saving money on home monitoring services with NCA.

2010 - Green looks good on NCA

In response to changing times and environmental concerns, the NCA fleet is upgraded with smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

New white NCA environmentally friendly van with advertising on the side - NCA Alarms Nashville TN
One white NCA service van parked, displaying company information on the sides - NCA Alarms Nashville TN

Today - Growing, growing, growing!

With more than 22,000 subscribers throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee, NCA looks forward to continuing to provide excellent service at an affordable price.