Are You Making These 5 Home Security Mistakes?

Picture of a home with a sunlit front yard

A burglary occurs every 16 seconds. And while you may think all burglaries occur at random, there are some actions you can take right now to prevent your home from becoming a target. Here we will cover the 5 most common home security mistakes to help you avoid becoming a victim.

1. Forgetting to Lock Up

If you live in a safe neighborhood and have great relationships with your neighbors, you might think leaving your home unlocked in no big deal. But don’t trust your surroundings too quickly. You never know who may be passing through your neighborhood. Don’t jeopardize your home’s security. Instead, always be on the safe side and keep your doors and windows locked.

2. Hiding Your Key Under the Doormat

Leaving your key under your doormat may seem like a clever way to ensure you don’t get locked out, but it’s actually the first place a burglar will check. This also includes hiding your key in a fake rock or plant pot. If you really need to keep a key hidden in case you get locked out, either give it to a trusted neighbor or put it in a plastic bag and bury it. Just make sure you remember where you put it.  

3. Not Having Outdoor Lights

Intruders are more likely to target a dark, unlit home. Keep out unwanted company by installing motion sensor lights. This will ensure burglars have no place to hide, forcing them to move on to another target.

4. Putting Too Much Information on Social Media

Here’s another home security mistake: talking about an upcoming vacation on social media. If you are going on a big trip, don’t post about it on social media until you get back. This includes posting pictures about your travels. Just save your photos and post them when you return. That way you protect your home from burglars while you are away.

5. Letting Your Lawn Become Wild

Don’t let your lawn become overgrown. Intruders will use the tall grass and shrubbery to hide and scope out your home. Keep your home well tended by mowing and trimming shrubbery regularly. This will give you a good siteline to be able to see all that is going on in your lawn.

There are many steps you can take to prevent your home from becoming a target for burglars. While the steps listed above will give you a good start, a good home security alarm system can help take your home’s security to the next level. NCA Alarm specializes in installing high quality residential and commercial security alarm systems. Learn more today!

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