Best Safety Tips to for Nashville Homeowners

Welcome to Nashville! We assume since you're reading this article you have recently moved to the area. Whether it's from East or West Tennessee or you are entirely new to the state, Nashville and the surrounding neighborhoods offer a lot of opportunities for individuals and families. We understand moving to a new area can be overwhelming, and we want to help when it comes to your safety. Outlined below are some great tips for you and your family about staying safe in your new Nashville neighborhood.

Get to Know Your Neighborhood

The first step is becoming familiar with your neighborhood. We've already talked about the safest communities in Nashville. While Nashville wasn't ranked as the most violent city in the U.S., it did come in at number 25 with around 1,100 violent crimes per 100,000 people. Even if you did find a home in one of the safer neighborhoods in the area, you would want to get to know your neighborhood and practice self-awareness. When we get comfortable, we let our guard down. It's a prime opportunity for theft or violence.

Get Smart About Your Travel

Moving somewhere new requires a lot of exploration, but it's not a bad idea to use some time dedicated to researching and defining your commute. Thieves and criminals don't want to be seen. They will take extra steps to avoid being identified. That being said, if you are living in Germantown or other areas of Nashville where you can walk, avoid dark streets and back roads. Keep a brisk pace if you are out after dark. Let friends and family know when and where you'll be if you are traveling alone. If you drive, it's better not to park your car on an abandoned unlit road.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Nashville is known for its music, hot chicken, and Southern hospitality. So, get to know your neighbors. Lots of people move to the area. It's expected to average around 100 people per day. While your neighbor may or may not be a local, they too might be new to the area or have lived here long enough to give you some inside tips on staying safe. Plus, you have the bonus of having someone else help you watch your front door. And, vice versa. When you travel, they can check in on your property, collect your mail, and take out a trash bin to make it appear like you are home.

Don't Stop for Strangers

Nashville is the biggest small town you'll ever live in. You want to be kind to your fellow Nashvillians, but you need to do your part for self-protection. Don't feel any obligation to stop if someone needs directions, loan your phone, or engage in any other way if the person in question is exhibiting strange behavior. Always trust your instincts. It doesn't matter what other people think if you're worried something might happen to your or a member of your family. You can just smile politely and keep on walking.

Be Smart About Personal Property

Thieves and criminals are looking for an easy opportunity. Wandering around your neighborhood with your head down, staring at your phone is an invention for theft. It's happened before when someone just walked by and snatched a phone or bag from someone unsuspecting. Keep electronics stowed away. Your bag should be securely attached to you rather than resting on the back of a stroller. If you live in a condo or apartment building, don't hold open doors for someone behind you. "Tailgating" as it's called is a way for someone to enter a shared building without the need for a key. They just rely on the kindness of strangers who open the door for them.

Get a Home Security Device

Today, homeowners have several choices when it comes to home security. It all starts with the access control system — the central hub. It's the panel installed on the wall. Choosing a monitored system means this device connects to a team of security experts who are on hand to assist you 24/7. Smart homes are where most people are headed. It utilizes technology and your personal smart device to help you keep an eye on your house, as well as complete other tasks. A simple swipe and click of a button you can tap into your video camera, lock your front doors, close the garage, and even adjust the temperature. It's great for checking on your kids when they get home from school or keeping an eye on things during Spring Break.

Nashville's Best Home Security System

Getting the right coverage is where you need to start. NCA Alarms is one of Nashville's leading home security companies. We don't think you have to spend a fortune to keep your property safe. Our securities systems are affordable and top-of-the-line. We utilize the best devices technology has to offer to get you and your family the protection you need.

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