Benefits of Having a Smart Home and a Smart Business

Security systems have come a long way over the years. Technology has added ways to make systems more secure, integrated, and useful to the home or business owner. Now monitoring devices are intuitive and keep you connected no matter where you are and provide instant access for real-time insights. With the use of a mobile device, you can have a better connection with your system and change the way you interact with your home or business.

1. Affords multiple layers of protection

A smart home and business will utilize the security system for more than just an alarm. Technology today offers individuals the opportunity to know what is happening in the house and business at all times. You can check to see the kids arrived safely from school or that a delivery you needed was made on time. If there are issues with doors, windows, or garages left open, you'll be notified and have the option to lock and secure them.

2. Remotely Accessible

Hardwired alarm systems left a lot of room for human error. Forgetting to enable the system before leaving the house or work meant your home or building was entirely unprotected. Having a smart app connected to your device allows anyone with the controls to enable the alarm from a remote position. You can lock all entryways and windows securely from your device without the need to head back to the location.

3. Sends you notifications

Security systems will send notifications to a central station letting first responders know that there is an emergency in your home or business. When you have a system that integrates with your smartphone, computer, and tablets, you will receive instant communication of a problem whether you are onsite or not. This gives you more control over the situation and allows you the opportunity to ensure everyone is safe.

4. Professional response for more security

You home, or business monitoring system is only as good as the people who are there to help you when in case of an emergency. An app for your smart home or business will have the same professional security standards as those who are in the control stations. Look for a system that is built for life and occupational safety. From a fire-alarm to burglary, your app should let you feel like you have control of the situation no matter where you are.

5. Easy to use

A smart home and business include more than wireless installation. Devices and accessories that you utilized to provide more protection such as cameras and detectors easily integrate with your wireless system. The connection between all devices allows you to remotely access and control various aspects of your home through the use of your phone or computer at any time.

6. Integrates with more than just your alarm

There are many ways your security app can give you peace of mind. A fully-integrated system will provide more than just control over your security devices. When you log into your app, you can check things like the temperature and adjust the thermostat. Did your colleague forget to turn off the lights? You can sign in from your computer or tablet to shut them off. While on vacation, you can unlock the system so your neighbor can come in to feed and let out your dog.

7. Tamper-proof protection

If a burglar wants to bypass a hardwired system, the only thing they would need to do is cut the wire or broadband line. At that point, they have complete control and access to your home or business. Upgraded technology protects against vulnerabilities such as smash or crash protection. This action is common when thieves try to break the device to gain access to the building. A cellular connection will still send alarm signals even if the device has been tampered with in this manner.

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