Basic Security Tips Most People Neglect

You can never be too safe when you want to protect something as valuable as your family and personal property. Nashville presents a lot of safe neighborhoods, but it's always best to err on the side of caution. Most thieves operate under an "easy access" rule meaning they only enter properties that look unattended. Neglecting these seven security tips make your home an easy target for theft.

1. Forgetting to secure the doors.

Can you believe 34% of burglars walk through the front door? That's insane, but it's very true. Securing your door is simple, but requires some effort. First, check the frame. You want it strong and sturdy. Same goes for your hinges. Weak hinges make it simple to knock your door down or move it to get inside. Any mail slots on the front door shouldn't be within reach of the door handle allowing someone to stick their hand in and unlock the doorknob. Get a deadbolt if you don't have one. Smart home alarm systems will enable you to install in smart locks that let you secure the door through an app.

2. Keep your windows locked, even on the second floor.

The front door is only the second most common point of entry of thieves. The other method for getting into your property is the window. Check all windows are always locked before you leave home. When possible reinforce glass with security film. It makes it challenging to break and enter. You can also use a glass break detector. It's a device that alerts the access control system if any glass has been shattered.

3. Leaving the garage door open.

The garage can present two problems. The first is if you leave it open. Even when you are home, visible belongings are asking to be stolen. Keep your garage shut unless you are actively using it. With that being said, take steps to lock the door from the garage to your house. It's another access point to your home. Smart alarm systems allow you to watch the garage, keep it closed, and lock doors remotely. For extra security, install a overhead door contact!

4. Forgetting to turn the outside lights on.

Any opportunity you have to give the illusion you are home deters crime. Theft is by chance. They don't want to be seen and look for easy targets. You can keep outside lights on a timer to make it look like someone is in the house. Programmable lights inside the house are helpful to turn televisions and lights off or on to make it appear you are active inside the home. Motion activated lights go a long way outside. Thieves might find they are put off when they walk up to a house and the lights instantly turn on.

5. Not considering blind spots.

Blind spots are everywhere. Outside the home, you have trees and bushes that can grow and conceal windows. Someone who wants to rob you can sneak under the foliage and enter through the window undetected. Always put away ladders or stools that give criminals an advantage to entering your property. Once you are finished with lawn equipment, put them back in the shed and keep it locked. Also, signs in the yard articulating you have an alarm system from NCA is a good deterrent!

6. Not implementing additional security devices

HDCCTV security cameras are great for thwarting crime. The mere sight of a camera could turn thieves on their heels. Why? The concept goes back to being caught. No one wants to be seen, and a video camera is an excellent visual resource. Invest in cameras that work both in and outside the home. High definition is preferable if you need to pull images of the robbers for local authorities. The cameras should be weatherproof and have night vision. Bonus if you upgrade to a smart home. Any time you sense suspicious behavior, you can tap into the live feed to check on everything.

7. Forgetting to take advantage of automation and wireless access.

We've touched on this before, but we wanted to reiterate how helpful it is to set your lights inside and outside the home. Home automation is possible with smart home security. A smart home utilizes wireless connections to sync devices. You'll get an app accessible on a smartphone or tablet that will let you control many aspects of the house like turning lights on, tapping into camera feeds, locking doors, and closing the garage. It can even go a step further by allowing you to adjust the temperature in your home or check the smoke detectors.

Best Nashville Alarm Systems

Having a comprehensive access control system is the first step to secure your property. With help from experts like NCA Alarms, you can build and customize a security plan with enough protection and layers for you, your family, or your business. The access control is the primary hub and main set of commands that link yours to the 24/7 support team. These professionals are staffed to help you when you need it calling local authorities and troubleshooting if it's required.

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