5 Benefits of a Home Security System

Picture of a home at dusk

Considering installing a home security alarm system? Great choice! A home security alarm system is a smart option for any homeowner who is looking to add an extra layer of protection for their family and property. Here we cover the top 5 benefits of home security systems.

1. Insurance Discounts

A home security alarm installation can help reduce your insurance rates by as much as 20%. So, while you may be paying extra for your home security system, you will be saving money on your home insurance. This makes a home security alarm system a pretty good deal.

2. Fire Protection

Fires can break out at any time, and the sooner you are notified the better. Many home security alarm systems are equipped with smoke detectors that will notify you if you are at risk of a fire. That way you will be notified in the instance of an emergency.

3. Protect Valuables

This is one of the most sought after benefits people seek after when purchasing a home security alarm system. Everyone has someone they know who has lost valuables due to a burglary. This could be jewelry, electronics or another high value item, but in any case, losing your belonging is a devastating experience.

In addition, a break in can leave you feeling violated and exposed. By having a home security system, you can not only catch burglars in their tracks, you may be able to prevent a break in from occurring at all.

4. Deter Crime

One study by Rutgers found that as the number of home security systems went up in a given neighborhood, the number of burglaries went down. This included the homes with a security system as well as the homes without. So, when you have a security system installed, you help protect not just your family, but your entire neighborhood.

5. Sense of Comfort

The best part about having a home security alarm system: the peace of mind. Just knowing all your valuables are protected and your family is secure makes you more confident, productive and happy. Whether you are at home or out enjoying yourself, it’s great to know your belongings are taken care of.

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