The Best Security System For You: DIY or Professional Installation?

Choices for home security systems are as vast as they are complicated. So how do you find the best security system for your home in Nashville, TN? The first step is to decide between two options which will inform the rest of your security system choices: Professional installation or DIY?

Getting Started

DIY home security systems have flooded the market in recent years. It has never been easier to install DIY home security systems with cameras, motion sensors, and anything else you need to feel secure while you are away. While these products often do the job they purport to do, a DIY security system is not as comprehensive as one backed by a professional security system provider. Options are numerous and often difficult to sort. Any combination of features can provide an initial sense of comfort, but holes in security will show themselves and the consumer will be right back where they began.

Professionals know everybody’s security needs are different. Correctly personalizing your security system can seem daunting, but professional help can turn a chore into an exciting discovery. Even if a consumer spends hours researching these items on their own, the professional will still have insights not immediately known to a home or business owner.

Finding your own components can be overwhelming and runs the risk of leaving something out. Consult a professional to ensure all your needs are covered.


Installing your own system might seem like a quicker path to home security, but what happens if something goes wrong with the equipment? Installation can be tricky and if the directions either aren’t clear or aren’t followed perfectly, the system can be compromised. A slight mistake in the beginning can lead to headaches down the road, and when it comes to something as important as home security, you want to be sure things are working from the very beginning.

Knowledgeable technicians and support staff are an invaluable resource when the inevitable glitch occurs. Professional home security systems not only afford guaranteed installations, but 24/7 monitoring to ensure things are working as they should. If an alarm goes off, you’ll have a team of professionals guiding you through the proper steps. With a DIY system, you’re on your own in what could be an incredibly important time of action.

Importance of Quality

Technological advancements in home security make it possible to know what’s going on inside your home at any point in the day. Turning your home in a smart home drastically increases security and protection. Whether you want to make sure your package will be waiting for you on your doorstep when you get home from work, or know exactly when your kids return home safely from school, the ability to access this information with a touch of a button anywhere in the world brings a great sense of relief.

DIY systems are liable to become outdated soon after installation. Working with a security company that provides professional installation ensures you are always covered by the best home security system at any point in time. A continually updated system provides the ability to spend your time thinking of things besides the functionality of your system. You are allowed to live your life and only pay attention to home security when you want to. Not only that, but it allows you to immediately quiet your worries no matter where you find yourself when the moment hits.

Price Point

Many DIY security systems will tout their lack of installation fees. True, DIY installation of home security systems can save you money at the beginning of the process. This, however, is not the end of the process. Upkeep and maintenance will keep the DIY consumer working, questioning their work, and ultimately doubting it.

Finances shouldn’t have to be a consideration when it comes to security, but of course people in the real world have bills and obligations. Where you choose to spend your hard-earned money is a decision not to be taken lightly. Professionals offset this price discrepancy by offering discounts on their equipment. They want to make their superior services available to anyone interested in keeping their items safe and secure. Trusting the safety of your home shouldn’t be reserved for only those of ample means.

Along with discounts, a professional installation will save you on something more important: Your time. While the DIY consumer is drilling holes in their walls, re-installing the equipment after recognizing mistakes, and decoding instruction manuals, you will be comforted by a thorough explanation of your equipment and services by a trained professional. People say time is money, but the peace of mind that comes with saving this time is priceless.

Peace of Mind

The best professionally installed home security systems, at their core, provide peace of mind. We rest easier knowing that if something were to go wrong, there is a team of professionals ready to jump into action. We’ve all had that moment when we’re finally relaxing into a vacation and think, “Did I lock the front door?” The days of talking yourself out of worry are gone. We can now pull up the information on our phone or computer and be sure everything is safe and secure back home with a professional home security system. A DIY system will always leave a doubt as to whether it was installed correctly, maintained accordingly, or up-to-date in its software. This peace of mind is shattered without complete faith in the technology and hardware of your home security system.

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The majority of your days won’t include a peep from your security system, and we hope it stays that way. However, you need to be prepared for the unforeseen, and the best professional home security systems can ensure you’re prepared when the time comes. Installing a home security system yourself might save some money up front, but it will cost you peace of mind down the road. Contact our professionals to give the people and things you love the protection they deserve.

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