Stop Driveway Car Theft

Automobile theft is a worry that every car owner has to grapple with everyday. Cars are primarily the main mode of transport in the present society. Thanks to technology and credit facilities, affordability and accessibility to cars has been simplified. However, as the demand for cheaper quality cars from the global market rises so does the incidences of car theft. The situation is worsened by automobile owners how like to settle for cheap second hand parts. For car thieves who find it difficult to get the car across the state line, their next best option is to disassemble the car and sell it as spare parts. Nonetheless, incidences of car theft can greatly be reduced if only car owners took the right steps to avoid driveway thefts.

Discussed herein are different methods through which car owners can try and minimize incidences of driveway car thefts.

Tips and guidelines

After pulling up on the driveway, you need to make sure that you have switched off the car and removed the keys from the ignition even if you have to step into the house for a couple of minutes. It is estimated that 20% of cars that are reported to have been stolen had keys in the ignition.

Make sure that when leaving the car that all doors have been locked and the windows pulled up. Most people have the tendency to leave their car doors open if they are in the house. Statistics reveal that 50% of cars that are reportedly stolen had their doors open.

When purchasing a car, you are provided with an extra key that you can utilize should you lose the original. At no time should you be tempted to keep the extra key in the car. Moreover, do not place it in an area where it can easily be located.

While parking your car for the night, ensure that it has been parked in an area that is well lit. This will discourage would be car thief from nearing your car.

When parking at the shopping mall, make sure that your car has been parked in an area that is attended. Thieves do not like to be spotted while in action.

If you have to stop at the gas station or at the ATM machine, ensure that you have switched off the engine. In addition, if you have to warm the engine before leaving the house, make sure that there is someone in the car. During the winter season, most cars are usually stolen as the owners often leave the engine running as the car warms up.

Thieves are always tempted with what they can see in open view. As such, you need to leave no chance that will give the automobile thief a chance to steal your car. Furthermore, there are car security systems, e.g. alarms that are designed to alert you should someone try to break in your car. Other than the alarm system, there is the fuel cut and floorboard lock.

It is upon the car owner to take all the necessary steps that are predisposed to them to ensure that their car is safe.



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