Is Smart Home Security Worth It?

Technology is making it possible for Nashville homeowners to make changes to how they view security. Smart homes utilize wireless devices and applications that make it convenient to keep your house safe. Smart home and smart security intertwine. A smart home focuses on energy and cost savings, while the security focuses on protection. Both lean heavily towards convenience through remote access. We like the idea of having a smart home as is it gives you flexibility. It's not all or nothing. Add or subtract the devices you want to get the features that benefit you. We'll take a look at the different applications you can apply to your home and the benefits they might bring you and your family.

Smart Home Security Devices


Why start with lighting? It's probably one of the cheapest ways to get started with automation and can do a lot to deter crime. We've said before and will say again; home robberies are opportunistic. Rarely are they planned out. Someone walking by sees a chance and takes it. You want to eliminate that prospect, and smart lighting can help. Turn them on, off, or set them to timers. Either way, you're giving the impression that someone is home even when you are not.

Video Cameras

Let's start with indoor camera usage. When you think about the purpose of smart security, it's about having the option to check in on your home even when you're not around. Video cameras keep an eye on the property and allow you to tap into their 24/7 live feed. HD video cameras from Arlo give you both video and audio streaming. Use them indoors and outdoors too. Some homes like to apply camera usage to their doorbell. Great for late nights or those parents who are home alone. You can see who's at the door directly from your tablet or phone. It’s also helpful for creating a safe nursery.

Motion Sensors

The motion sensor is designed to detect movement inside or outside the house. These tools have improved generously over the years meaning you receive fewer false positives. If someone is trying to break into your home, the motion sensor sends an alarm to the access control system. You can upgrade by integrating motion detectors with your lights. Add a countdown timer to the sensor and allow it to shut off lights in a room when it no longer detects movement. Great for Nashville homes with children who don't always remember to do so when leaving the room. The timer will save you some money in energy bills.

Door Locks

Smart door locks will change the way you secure your front and back door. A range of devices exists on the market. You can either replace the entire deadbolt or find systems that integrate. Smart door locks have numerous benefits. You can automate them to lock after a duration of time meaning you never arrive to work again wondering if you secured the front door. Some systems allow you to see who was the last to lock or unlock a door. Grant your friends and family full or temporary access by sending them electronic passes — a smart option if you travel or want to give the babysitter access to the home.

Security System Panel

Your security system panel is your smart home's central hub. It's where all the devices gather to deliver you accurate information about the current status of your house. Having a smart panel in your home consolidates all of the apps you might need if you were to invest in devices individually. Another bonus is the personnel on the other end. Investing in professionally monitored security gives you more eyes on your family and property's safety. When an emergency arises, they can call local authorities to the scene. It's a support system you can trust.

Getting a Smart Home Security System

A range of price points exists for each device. Interested in only the convenience and not all the bells and whistles? You can opt for products that are entry level. Consider your lifestyle and let that guide your purchasing decisions. Do you travel for work? Maybe you need video cameras to keep an eye on the place while you're away. Do you rent out a portion of your home to Airbnb? The automated locks are a great way to grant temporary access for your guests even if you aren't there to meet them.

Always research your options before investing in a device. Working with a professional security company in Nashville gives you the chance to talk to an expert about how the tools will help you. Contact NCA Alarms to get a quote for your new smart home.

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