How Nashville Families Can Create a Safe Nursery

Becoming new parents is one of the most rewarding steps anyone can take. However, it does come with a brand new set of worries. Between feedings and diaper changes, there is a lot for parents to consider. Preparation is key to a happy baby and a happy life. We've outlined some of the steps Nashville parents can take to keep their nursery safe.

Nursery Safety Basics

Let's start with the basic information about the necessities for a nursery.

The Crib

The government issued standards for baby cribs. Slates shouldn't be more than 2 and 3/8 inches apart. Putting that into perspective, it's about the width of a coke can. Slates closer together will ensure your baby can't get their head caught. Corners should be free from elements that could snag your baby's clothing or lead to other injuries.

Window Cords

Decorate the nursery with low furniture away from the window. The cords from blinds or curtains are of interest to the baby. Pulling on the curtain to get it loose is dangerous. Cords are a concern for strangulation. Keep them out of reach by pinning them up.

Cover Outlets

Plug protectors are available to cover outlets in a nursery. Ideally, you'll get one that covers the whole part of an outlet that is not being used. There are single outlet covers if you need to use just one. Babies, as they explore, might try to stick something in there and cause electrical shock.

Buy a Gate

Gates are a safe way to contain your child, so they don't get hurt when they begin to crawl. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission avoid buying gates with V-shaped or diamond-shaped openings.

Smart Nursery Technology

The age of technology makes it possible to keep an eye on your baby even when you aren't in the room. Devices exist to help soothe crying and keep a watchful eye while they are asleep. They are designed to help improve nursery safety and make it easier to care and comfort your child.

Room Temperature

There are devices like the Gro-Egg that help parents keep an eye on the nursery room temperature. The ideal setting is around 61 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Technology like the Gro-Egg not only measures the temperature but has a light that will change color to let you know when it's becoming too hot or too cold. The result should be an environment that allows your baby to have a restful sleep. Optimal room temperature is also beneficial for the baby's health. Most designs are discrete enough that the light won't wake your baby but are well-lit to keep you informed.


Rocking your baby is soothing and helps them go to sleep. Sometimes you may need a little extra help when you're running on a little less sleep. Cradles have been around for centuries to help parents comfort their children and today's technology takes the experience to another level. Smart cradles, as they are being called, can rock your baby while emitting noises that are similar to what they here in the womb. The rocking is gentle, and you can swaddle them for added emotional comfort.


Why mention a nanny if were are only talking about technology? Because this kind of "nanny" is digital. Between feedings, medications, and sleep it can be hard to keep up with all the information. Most new parents are running on little sleep. Any extra help is much appreciated. Digital "nannies" are devices that allow parents to program the time of the last diaper change, nap, feeding, or bedtime. All the information is available in one tool that will help you and your partner remember vital information.

Changing Tables

Changing tables are also getting a digital makeover. You can track the weight of your baby before and after feeding to calculate how much food they are getting. It's a great tool for first-time parents who might need a little reassurance. Some devices will also weigh the baby after diaper changes. Most of these changing tables will come with an app that allows the information to sync directly to you and your partner's phone. Other information can be stored such as the time of the last diaper change and their sleep schedule.


Monitoring your baby while in the nursery is at the top of the list for parents. While they are sleeping, it's crucial to keep an eye on them. Monitors today look a little different than when we were children. Back then, it was a one-way walkie-talkie that could let the parents know when the baby was crying. Today, monitors come equipped with video monitoring systems to help you see your baby in real-time.

Best Baby Monitoring Device

At NCA Alarms, we take safety seriously. The products that we offer are top of the line and equipped with the latest technology. The best monitoring device for your baby would include a wireless Arlo Pro camera. These cameras can do it all. They deliver images in high-definition and come with night vision. The batteries are rechargeable, so you're never left without. Arlo cameras allow you to sync the footage to your smart device. It helps you keep an eye on your baby while they sleep regardless of where you are and confirm that they are happy and healthy.

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