How to Secure Doors and Windows

Many people are willing to take advantage of an unsecured property. You might think burglary will never happen to you, but it’s a reality. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, each year 1.4 million burglaries take place during the day and 1.2 million at night. 66% of these robberies take place on residential properties. Taking the extra steps to secure your home is crucial.

Investing in a security system is a great place to start. Work with your alarm company to build a system with layers of protection. Stop burglaries from starting by taking extra steps to secure your doors and windows.

Secure Your Windows with These 6 Tips

Windows are the most fragile points of entry to the home. The chances of a neighbor hearing the smashing of glass are unlikely. But, they don't need to smash their way through. Some property owners don't bother to lock their windows, allowing someone to slip inside. Here are our best tips to protect your windows.

1. Get Window Locks

You can put new locks on your window for extra security. Use pin locks on ground floor windows. The device prevents intruders from entering.

2. Upgrade to Tempered Glass

Windows are often constructed from annealed glass. Switch to tempered glass for extra strength. Tempered glass is known to be four times stronger. Thieves will have a harder time trying to enter the premises.

3. Swap to Plexiglass or Polycarbonate Windows

Made from acrylic, plexiglass is ten times stronger than glass and impact resistant. Polycarbonate is even stronger than plexiglass. These windows could be installed on the ground floor.

4. Add Motion Lights

Burglars are looking for easy access and are not interested in getting caught. Add some motion lights right outside the window that will flick on when it detects activity outside the property.

5. Consider Window Bars

Window bars aren't the most attractive option, but they can go along way to stop entry. Only consider window bars if you own a commercial property with small basement windows or windows in the back of the building.

6. Get Glass Break Detectors

It's smart to have a security system in place already. If you do, ask your provider about sensors for your window. The devices are designed to alert the wireless keypad when someone is trying to smash their way into your home or business.

Secure Your Door with These 6 Tips

Would it surprise you to learn that 40% of break-ins are from forced entry? And, 32% of thieves walked into a home or business through an unlocked front door? The number of people who forget to lock their front door is staggering. Better still, folks are willing to keep a spare key within 72-inches of the front lock. Burglars know the usual hiding spots. Keep your front door protected with these tips.

1. Invest in a Solid-Core Door

Some of the most secure doors are built from a solid core. This type of construction makes it difficult to break down. Unsure if yours is solid? Give it a knock. If you hear an echo, you have a hollow front door.

2. Upgrade Your Deadbolt

A couple of things you want to consider with your deadbolt. First, get a bolt that extends fully into the door-jamb and has a metal plate. Second, there shouldn't be exposed screws. All someone needs to do is unscrew for access.

3. Install HD CCTV Cameras

You can't go wrong with installing HD CCTV cameras. They work both in and outdoors and can capture high-quality footage 24/7. If you are ever robbed, you can use the footage to help during the investigation.

4. Get Wide-Angle Peepholes

Some robberies occur after they knock and force their way in once the door has been partially opened. Wide-angle peepholes give you a better view of who is standing outside.

5. Add a Door Contact Sensor

As we previously mentioned, some thieves walk through the front door. Add a door contact sensor to your security package, and it will send an alert if someone tries to force the door open.

6. Protect Sliding Back Doors

Sliding back doors need extra attention. You can reinforce security by adding key locks to the top and bottom. Otherwise, you can cut a metal rod that sits in the door's track stopping someone from being able to open and close the door.

For more information on security products to protect your doors and windows, contact NCA Alarm today.

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