5 Traits You Should Look for When Hiring a Security Company in Nashville

If you're thinking about investing in an alarm system, you'll want to consider more than just the security devices. The security company plays an integral role in the operation and performance of your equipment. You will need to rely on their expertise to guide you in designing the best system and provide you with unparalleled support in the event of an emergency. But what should you look for in an alarm company? We've compiled five attributes that should stand out.

What to Look for When Hiring an Alarm Company

1. The main goal of the company is your security.

Hire an alarm company that focuses on your security. They should have great insight into the latest technologies and be able to offer you customized solutions for your individual needs. Your home or business doesn't need one-size fits all solution. Instead, you should receive multiple options that can help you add layers of protection. Making a trip to the property, they should be able to spot weaknesses and bring them to your attention. Their company should provide a comprehensive product offering that they implement to create the best system for your property. Listen to how they describe the solution and what it will do for you. Ideally, they will talk about the benefits of the product and the performance benefits regarding security.

2. The alarm company is focused on customer service.

The second most crucial aspect of a great security company is one that is focused on customer service. Everything from installation to troubleshooting issues should be approached with care and courtesy. Working with a team of experts shouldn't mean you have to compromise customer support when you need it most. In a perfect world, the need to call on that 24/7 monitoring wouldn't arise. But, on the off chance that it does, you want to know you have a group of individuals who have your safety as a top priority. Additionally, many security systems will require troubleshooting at some point or another. Find a company that will walk you through the steps to confirm your devices are operating optimally.

3. They have a wide range of security solutions.

As we mentioned before, you shouldn't be sold a standard solution or package of technologies. Your property is unique and requires an individualized plan to keep it safe. Each device offers a different solution. It all starts with a keypad that ties all the devices together and submits a duress code when needed. From there, you should branch out in wireless cameras that can be used in and outdoors for the ultimate protection. Motion detectors alert you of suspicious movement, and glass break detectors sound an alarm if someone is trying to break in through a window. Enquire about other devices for a complete package.

4. The team is comprised of highly-trained professionals.

NCA relies on the professional services of C.O.P.S. Monitoring. Since 1978, COPS Monitoring has been serving companies like NCA with their professional service and cutting-edge technologies. At NCA, we partner with COPS Monitoring because of their level of professionalism. They provide a dedicated team of professionals who demonstrate courtesy and a calm demeanor in every situation. The difference in their personnel starts by hiring the best candidates for the job. From there, COPS conducts extensive training to ensure each individual is primed and ready to assist our clients in the most stressful situations.

5. They are recognized for their achievements.

Recognition for their work says a lot about a security company. NCA Alarms has ranked in SDM's 100 list since 2012 and has moved up the list each year currently sitting in the 71st position. SDM has been published since 1991 with a focus on evaluating a security company's service and system offerings. The companies listed offer U.S. residential and non-residential consumers with electronic security systems. Making it onto the list proves that many property owners are relying on NCA's services to protect their homes or businesses. Time and time again, more commercial and residential property owners are turning to NCA to help them get high-quality service and protection at an amazing value.

About NCA Alarms

NCA was co-founded in 1997 to address the demand for high-quality security at an affordable price. Since then, co-founders father Jimmy Stein and son Shooter Stein have served thousands of businesses and households throughout Middle Tennessee. Their experience in security pre-dates the establishment of NCA. Jimmy Stein owned security systems back in 1974. Throughout the 70s, Jimmy's security services gained in popularity. By 1997, when they launched NCA, Jimmy used his experience to define the customer need and create security features that integrate within most homes and across multiple devices.

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