How to Arm Your Security Alarm, Especially in Instant Mode

Pictures of two alarm control panels

Arming your home with a professional home security alarm system is a smart way to protect your hard-earned assets from burglars. Homes without security alarms are 300% more likely to be broken into, according to the FBI. Here we will cover how to properly arm your home security system, so you will be prepared in the instance of a break in.

Instant Mode

What about when you don’t want a delay? That’s where instant mode comes in. Instant mode protects your perimeter and leaves your interior inactive. This mode is perfect for when you are sleeping, ensuring the alarm sounds immediately. There will be no entry delay.

Away Mode

As the name suggest, you can use away mode to arm your home security alarm while you are away. This will arm your home’s interior and perimeter areas and includes a delay to enter and exit the home.

Stay Mode

When you are at home, you can arm your security alarm with stay mode to protect your perimeter, while leaving the interiors zones inactive. This mode also features a delay for your entry and exit mode.

Ensure Your Home Security is Armed

To find out how to use the various security modes as needed to ensure your home is armed against burglars, please click here and choose your keypad. You will be able to find your user manual to help you with each mode. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 615.777.7622. We are always here to help!  

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