Church Security Systems: a Quick Guide for 2019

The church is a welcoming space that encourages collaboration and growth. But, sadly they can be a target for criminals or vandalism. There are many ways you can protect your church and those who worship with dedicated features and add-on devices for superior protection. With an alarm system and security cameras, you can build a unique network that works expressly for your needs.

Church Alarm System

The first thing you will want to consider is an alarm system. The alarm system is your central hub. It will receive the notification if there is a break-in, communicate with support, and convey messages to local authorities. Many add-on features provide layers of protection, but until you have a security system in place, their protection capabilities are limited. There are some advantages your church can benefit from by having one installed.

24/7 Monitoring by a professional team.

Your church's security is only as good as the team of professionals supporting you. If there is ever an instance where an alarm is triggered, you'll want experts on-hand who can help you navigate the next steps. With 24/7 monitoring access control it means you and your parish always have the support you need when you need it. Most alarm systems will have notifications to let you know what is happening and when. But, nothing beats real-person support in the event your alarm is triggered. They can help you assess the situation and notify the authorities.

You get more protection than you imagined.

Security systems are synonymous with breaking and entering, but they can offer a lot more information that will keep everyone in your congregation safe. Most churches will have a kitchen to some degree, and if this is the case, then you'll want to know that there is a device in place to alert of a fire. But, the system can go even further to let you know when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are present. This sort of feature will let you know when the atmosphere could nurture combustion or flames and allow you to remove anyone from the building before something happens.

Remote access makes it easy to stay on top of security.

Technology is revolutionizing the way we live and interact as a community, but it's also making an impact on security features. Most alarm systems will allow remote access on smartphones or tablets offering you greater control over your protection. If you have any add-on devices, such as a camera, you will have instant access to the feed to determine whether or not there is a threat. In the event that the alarm is initiated falsely, you can rely on the remote access to turn off the device and reset the alarm system. If you ask us, that's pretty powerful stuff.

You can integrate the system with add-on features.

Churches range in size in both people and structure. When it comes to security, there isn't a one-size fits all approach. Investing in a security system for your church should include features that you need to keep everyone safe. You can look for devices such as glass break detectors that will let you know if someone broke a window or door to gain entry. Motion detectors work well to keep authorities informed if someone is in the church that doesn't have access. Medical panic pendants are worth consideration if you have elderly members who require a little more time and attention.

Security Cameras for Your Church

If we could recommend one additional feature for protection, it would include the addition of security cameras. There are a whole host of reasons why they are great for protection, but we want to point out how they will help your parish.

They are wirelessly integrated and small enough to fit anywhere.

Depending on the size of your church and congregation, you'll need to include cameras in locations that best serve you. Wireless cameras make that a lot easier because they don't need to be situated next to an outlet. Today, most wireless cameras are small, so they can fit snugly in whatever corner works best for you. More than one can be installed in any room or area throughout the church to give you the most control. Areas to consider would include:

  • Offices

  • Congregation area

  • Hallways

  • Kitchen

  • Youth center

Protect what matters to you the most with a security camera.

Teaching and sharing with children the messages from the Bible are important. That's why most churches will have a separate study area dedicated to enriching the knowledge of their youth. Wireless cameras make it simpler to protect these spaces. You can put one in every classroom or child care area. With remote access, you can tap into the feed whenever you need to ensure the kids are safe. Some youth members may decide to come in over the weekend or stay after school to help with projects or fundraisers. These cameras will ensure their safety while they are within your parish walls. A live feed means you can see what is happening in real-time so you and the parents can rest easy.

Nashville Alarm System for Churches

At NCA Alarms we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best system and team of experts for an unparalleled security system. We believe getting the protection you need doesn't have to be expensive. That's why we offer plans that make it more affordable for you and your church. Learn more about our alarm systems for churches and pricing by visiting our website.

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