Choosing a Complete Security Systems for 2019

As we move into 2019, most homeowners will use this time to take stock of what improvements need to happen in their house. Improvements can include major or minor renovations, but some will consider the most effective way to safeguard their home. Installing devices in the home are great, but there are two different versions available for protection.

Monitored Alarm System

A monitored alarm system is comprehensive security coverage. It includes installed devices like a keypad and cameras but also comes with a group of experts who are available 24/7 in case of an emergency. These systems either operate wirelessly or connect through a landline.

Unmonitored Alarm System

You can recognize an unmonitored alarm system because it utilizes loud noises as an alert that the system has been tripped. The loud noise can play a role in scaring off an intruder, but it doesn't help when local authorities need to be notified. An unmonitored system is maintained by the homeowner.

The Benefits of Having a Monitored Alarm System

The benefits of home security monitoring extend beyond just protection:

It Makes Your Home Less Attractive to Thieves

Most burglaries happen based off chance. A thief is looking for an easy way to grab valuable objects. Besides getting money, the primary objective behind the theft is convenience. A robber isn't going to enter a home full of people or that is visibly guarded by a monitoring system. If your house is in a neighborhood that also uses home security systems you are further reducing your property as a target for criminals. The sight of the alarm system is usually enough to deter crime, but if you have additional devices like CCTV cameras, you're improving your chances of side-stepping burglary.

Some Insurance Policies Reward Alarm Installation

Your insurance policy is available to help support you in a time of need. But, insurance companies are always willing to reward those who reduce the chances of needing to make a claim. One way to significantly decrease those probabilities is by installing an alarm system. Each company is different, but some are willing to give at a 15% discount. Depending on your alarm company and costs the discount could pay for the service.

You Have More Control Over Your Home

Wireless systems give homeowners a lot of control over their security and their home. Modern technology makes it possible for property owners to install monitoring systems and devices that provide remote access to what is happening inside and outside the house. Depending on what add-on security features you are working with, it's possible to live stream video footage to view a suspicious noise or to check-in and make sure everyone is safe.

Most Common Concerns About Alarm Systems

Even though home security systems have been around for decades, there are still a few out there skeptical about the advantages they bring and don't understand the real cost of home security for 2019.

Flexible Contracts and Cancellation

Alarm companies that offer to monitor your property will have you sign a contract confirming that length of time. Homeowners who are looking have no plans of moving anytime soon will profit from this agenda, but tenants and anyone looking for flexibility will not. The number of people renting/leasing is just as high as those who are owning. And, with Nashville's property market being prosperous, some are taking up temporary residence to flip or get extra cash for their investment. That shouldn't mean you can't have access to the same affordable and dependable security systems. Great alarm companies in Nashville should offer comprehensive contracts that vary in length and include a sound cancellation policy.

Having an Excellent Monitoring Group

Just installing a device isn't enough anymore and having a highly-trained group of individuals watching your property and being ready when you need them is the most crucial factor. It's possible to work with a monitoring group that works with cutting-edge technology while still focusing on personal and professional service. We would argue that the success of your security reflects more on those who are helping than that of the devices themselves.

Not Owning the Equipment

Many alarm companies lease their equipment to homeowners rather than let them purchase it. It may not seem like a problem at the time of installation but if there is ever a need to move or change companies you can run into some issues. You never want to be locked out from your control panel or change providers and find that you need to buy an entirely new system. But, there are security companies in Nashville that can work with your currently monitoring devices.

The Best Monitoring Security Systems for 2019

If you're wondering how you can improve on your current security system, we've outlined some tips for you.

Wireless Keypad

If there is a way to upgrade your system to a wireless, it will give you a lot more flexibility and offer remote access for better service.

HD Security Cameras

Cameras usually are enough of a deterrent but having an HD camera installed will give you the best resolution to help authorities find out who entered your home.

Motion Detector

This device is implemented on the property as a way to check movement and alert your security company if anyone is there that shouldn't.

Door/Window Contact Alarm

If your property has a lot of windows, on the bottom floor, or blind spots a contact alarm will let you know if someone tries to pick a lock or climb through a window to gain access.

Nashville Security Company

At NCA Alarms we believe it shouldn't be expensive to safeguard what matters to you the most. As a result, we offer affordable coverage security for commercial and residential properties throughout the Middle Tennessee area. Visit our website to learn more.

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