6 Questions for Choosing the Best Home Security System

Finding the right home security system is crucial to ensuring safety. But, the device is only as good as the monitoring service that comes along with it. When your alarm goes off, it sends a communication signal to the service department. The team of professionals responds to the notification and confirms that it is a real threat. If the authorities need to be called, your team of experts will alert them to the dangers immediately.

When your home and family's safety relies heavily on others, you'll want to ask questions that confirm you are receiving the best possible device and service. With over twenty years providing households with home monitoring services, we understand what you need to look for when choosing the best option.

1. Does the system come with a professional team?

A professionally monitored system comes with a team of experts who are on-hand to assist you. From burglary to a fire, this group of professionals should support you and your household in the case of an emergency. With access to 24/7 monitoring, there will always be someone available to alert the proper authorities. Most at home security systems should provide some form of notification system to let you know there is an issue. It can be the audible sound from the system itself or the use of mobile texts. However, nothing is comparable to the assistance you'll receive from a trained professional on the other end.

2. Does it sync with additional sensors?

The home monitoring system itself provides every household with a layer of security. But, if you want to add layers of protection, you'll want a system that syncs with other devices. These devices can be anything from motion detectors to glass break detectors. Through the use of sensors, motion detectors will notify your system if someone is moving inside the house. A glass break detector will alert the system if someone tries to enter by breaking through a window or glass on a door. Both options upgrade your device for a superior level of protection.

3. Can you use cameras with the device?

Cameras alone are usually enough of a deterrent. If a thief understands they are being watched, they often won't pursue the robbery. Look for a home monitoring system that allows you to utilize these unique features. These cameras should work well in a variety of environments both inside and outside the house and have zooming capabilities.

4. Can you access the device remotely?

If your home security system allows you to install cameras, ask if there is a possibility to have remote access to the feed. There are a host of reasons why this will benefit you the homeowner. If there is a suspicious noise somewhere in the house, you can investigate without having to put yourself directly in harm's way. It also provides the added benefit of peace of mind. Forgot if you closed the garage or want to check on the kids? You can log into your camera's feed to confirm doors are locked or that the kids made it safely home from school.

5. Are there additional protection features?

When individuals think of home security systems, the first images that conjure up usually revolve around burglary. However, these devices can do so much more. The right monitoring device can also tell you when there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. High levels of carbon monoxide can start a fire instantaneously. Your system should notify you if it detects this colorless and odorless gas.

A special note: home monitoring systems should never replace an actual fire detector.

6. Is the system intuitive to use?

For the most part, the system should be easy to navigate. Complex installation methods are a thing of the past. With the advancements in technology, your system's provider should have an easy time installing your device and teaching you how to use it. If there is a need to troubleshoot an issue the system should display instructions to allow you to navigate successfully. If the problem extends past your technical capabilities, the home monitoring service should provide you with a support team to rectify the issue.

Your home monitoring system is only as good as the service from your provider. At NCA we utilize the strongest at home monitoring service COPS Monitoring that combines cutting-edge technology and personal service. To learn more, visit our website.

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