4 Smart Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Security System in Nashville, TN

Monitoring security systems are designed to protect your home. However, they can only do so much if they are not up-to-date. It may seem like a marketing scheme to consider security upgrades, but there are many benefits to enhancing your system. From remote access to improved technology relationships among devices, there are many reasons why you should consider an upgrade. Your system should work in tandem with your cameras and sensors. Outdated access control panels will have weaknesses making it easier for an intruder to enter your home.  We've outlined the benefits of updated to a smart home.

Why Have a Smart Home Security System?

There is a lot of benefits from having a smart home. They can add more security and protection in multiple layers. This means you can do more with your device. Working parents can ensure their children arrived safely. While on vacation you can check the temperature of the house or disarm the alarm to let your neighbor in to feed the dog. Notifications sent to your smartphone or tablet give you the latest information. Remotely access from your device, and you can assess the situation in real-time and call the proper authorities if danger is present.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Security System

Your Monitoring Device is Connected to a Landline

Hardwired systems provide homes with adequate protection. Having one installed is far better than not having one at all. They do provide limitations. Hardwired systems need particular attention when it's time for an update. Your alarm provider will need to send a specialist onsite to complete this necessary step and as a result, could cost you money. Hardwired systems are easy to bypass. If a thief wants to gain admittance to your home all they need to do is cute the line. From there they have complete access. The same can be said if you have window and door sensors that are hardwired. Once they are cut, your system isn't going to provide protection.

Your Security Accessories are Outdated and are Low-Resolution

Access control systems that are outdated aren't equipped to sync with state-of-the-art devices. The cameras, sensors, and motion detectors purchased with the original system need to be high-performing if they are going to assist you when you need them most. Low-resolution cameras won't offer much when it comes to footage. If you need to identify a thief, poor quality not only won't help but will often be dismissed from court. As previously mentioned, any hardwired sensors or detectors should be upgraded to wireless. They cannot be cut or tripped and will sync seamlessly with your wireless device. In most cases, these devices can be remotely accessed from your mobile or tablet means you can assess danger regardless if you are at home.

You Can Only Access Your Device From Inside Your Home

The amazing thing about technology is the security it provides. With so many advancements, there are more ways than one to protect your home. The days of singular access to one control panel are long gone. In fact, limiting your home to one control panel makes it easier for hacking. Today's systems provide homeowners with more flexibility. Many security systems are available online and have mobile access through apps on smart devices. These automated systems present users with features that allow them to lock doors, shut the garage, deactivate their alarm, and even change the temperature from a remote location. These amenities mean homeowners can do things like turn the lights on and off to give the illusion that someone is home when they are not.

You are Out of Upgrade Options

There are only so many upgrades a wired system allows. Eventually, technology will surpass the functionality of the monitoring device and will no longer be compatible. Upgrade to a smart home, and you will have access to the latest in security technology year-round. Smart homes often receive their updates remotely saving on the cost of having someone come out to your house. Additionally, when they are regularly updated, you can ensure that all the devices linked to your system are working in tandem. If any broken links are present the update will notify you. This clarification will allow you to solve problems before it's too late.

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