Why We Love Alarm Systems (And You Should Too!)

Installing a home security system is one of the best things you can do for your home. At NCA Alarms, we are passionate about helping homeowners protect themselves, assets, and most importantly their families. There are many reasons why we do what we do, but we wanted to highlight some of the primary reasons why we love home alarm systems and identify just how they can help you and your loved ones. 

Protect Your Home From Intruders

There's no denying the number one thing we love home alarm systems is their ability to protect your home and your family from intruders. The reason is multilayered. 

First, the mere presence of an at home security system is going to deter unwanted crime. Theft is quite often a shallow act of vandalism, and most perpetrators are looking for easy access to money and objects that they can sell. 

Second, the immediate access to assistance on the off chance you or a family member is home makes the at home alarm system worth its weight in gold. Many robbers will try to target a property when no one is around. However, there are instances where the presence of a family member will throw them into a state of shock and it may turn violent. A security system in place makes it simple to notify local authorities. 

Protect Against Fires

The mere mention of a home alarm system strikes up a visual of theft, but they are also great for protecting your home against fire. Before we continue, we should state that a home alarm system shouldn't replace a smoke detector. However, many alarms are capable of alerting you when extreme heat is present in the house. Being able to address extreme sources of heat throughout the home is a preventative measure that reduces the chance of damage. 

Provides Remote Access

The age of technology we live in gives homeowners the opportunity to add a layer of protection to their house. Modern and wireless home security systems provide remote access to images inside the home through a mobile phone or tablet. Most home alarm system companies offer camera installation throughout the property, so you can see what's going on inside. Additionally, you could control door locks, lights, and many other devices with just the click of a button. 

It Can Reduce Your Home Insurance

Almost every homeowner has insurance to protect their property. In fact, most mortgage lenders require it, but what most individuals don't know is that a security system can impact your average premium. Most insurance agencies offer discounts to those who have a security system installed because it shows you are taking extra measures to protect your family and your assets. 

Have Access to Medical Assistance

There are quite a few home alarm systems that provide medical assistance as an add-on feature. Individuals can easily press a button to alert emergency services that aid is needed. This additional feature is especially useful for children and the elderly who often stay at home alone for periods at a time. 

Keep Tabs on the Children

As we previously mentioned, many alarm system companies provide add-on features like internal cameras for remote access. While this is great for checking on potential threats, it also works well to keep tabs on the kids. Many adults work 9-5 and leave their children unattended for a couple of hours after school. With a monitoring device, parents can use it as an opportunity to make sure their children made it home safe from school. 

Alert You of Any Gas Problems

If you can't tell already, there are a LOT of reasons to love your home security system. If protecting your home wasn't enough, many devices will allow you to opt-in to receive notifications for increases in carbon monoxide, which is a colorless gas that can combust into flames. Because it's undetectable, a carbon monoxide problem usually blindsides individuals. By having carbon monoxide detectors installed, you can have emergency services called if levels reach an unstable amount. 

Have Someone Else Monitor Your Home

Installing an in-home monitoring device offers families 24/7 protection. The system provides constant surveillance, even when you aren't around to do it yourself. If you leave town, your house becomes vulnerable, but with round the clock service, you can get immediate assistance for things like burglary, house fire, carbon monoxide leak, and medical assistance. Without this watchful eye, these tragic events could produce devastating results. 

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