How To Protect Your Vacant Property

As a property owner, there will come a time when you’re likely to find your property is vacant. Whether you have moved and are still trying to find a buyer, you need to fill the space with a new tenant, or are completing renovations, unprotected properties are attractive to vandals, thieves, and squatters. The cost to repair or replace can be high, but with the right precautions, you can protect yourself and your empty property. 

Maintain the Exterior

An easy way to advertise to thieves that you aren't at home is by letting the exterior of your home run rampant. Try maintaining the lawn, keeping the windows cleaned, bushes trimmed, leaves raked, etc. If you have a vacant commercial property, try staying on top of collecting mail and trash. Sure you might not be using the trash cans or whatever receptacle service you have, but if something is knocked over and left there for weeks, it advertises to others that your building isn't currently occupied. 

Get a Motion Detector

A motion sensor/detector is a device that knows when someone is in your home or on your property that shouldn't be. Commonly, these devices use multiple technologies to sensor movement in the area. This type of system is an option for someone who knows their property is going to be vacant for some time. If you are a homeowner and already have this type of security system in place, have it inspected before you leave your home unoccupied for some time. These sensors are designed to work when you are not at home and are activated when you tell your primary control device that you are out of the house. 

Don't Advertise on Social Media

Often times thieves will troll social media looking for someone to let slip that they aren't at home. If you are going on vacation, wait to post pictures when you get back. By doing so, you prevent anyone from knowing when and for how long you are away from home. 

Timed Lighting System

Another way to deter potential theft or damage to your property is by using a timed lighting system. If someone is canvassing the area for weaknesses and sees a house or property sitting in constant darkness, they can assume that no one is using the property. Timed lights both inside and outside give the illusion that someone is home. 

Get a Glass Break Detector

A glass break detector is a sensor device used to trigger alarms in the case of broken glass from a window or door and is a perfect option for properties that sit unoccupied for some time. These monitors use microphones sensitive to noise or vibrations that come from breaking glass. It's an extra layer of security that works well with any security system. Often residential homes install glass break detectors in areas that might be hard to see like a basement window or side door. For businesses and commercial properties, they are useful if your current HD camera system has blind spots and you want extra protection against burglary. 

Give Your Neighbors Access

An easy way to give the illusion that someone is using the property is offering your neighbors access. As a homeowner, this could mean you let your neighbor park in the driveway or temporarily use the garage. Commercial property owners could allow their neighbors to use their space as extra storage, utilize the parking spaces, or waste receptacles until you move in someone permanently. More often than not, they will welcome the option to spread out and be willing to help. 

Invest in a Monitored Security System

A monitored system is one of the most commonly used home alarm systems. The system is hooked up throughout the house, either hardwired or wirelessly, and provides 24/7 access to assistance throughout the year. It may seem like a large investment for a vacant property, but the cost of repairing damaged property (think windows or broken doors) from theft is higher. Many insurance plans also give significant discounts to those who install a security system on the premise, so it's worth doing the research and cost analysis. 

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