Honeywell System Updates for 2019

Your alarm system provides your home with a level of security that protects your family and assets. Choosing what you put in your home is critical to success. At NCA Alarms, we believe in providing you with only the best options on the market. Honeywell has been offering essential security monitors and devices for decades that are unlike anything else on the market. Their hardwired and smart home systems are preferred amongst many homeowners for their superior quality and ease of use. In 2019, Honeywell decided to take continued steps to improve both end user and back-end user integration by updating their offering.

Honeywell Hardwired Systems

For 15-years, Honeywell has been providing homeowners with a superior level of protection through their legacy control panels. Hardwired units such as those found in the legacy offer security monitoring through the use of wiring to connect to sensors. The monitoring for hardwired offers stability because the sensors don't rely on radiofrequency to communicate. That means homeowners have to worry less about an interruption in signal connection and possibly a lag in information at a crucial time.

Additionally, there is the easy to maintain equipment associated with these systems. Once installed, there isn't much to consider regarding maintenance. A backup battery is available in the event there is an issue with the wiring such as fray or a possible power outage. The features available are rich and control panels can be installed in more than one area of the house. You can connect additional devices to further your protection by utilizing cameras or motion detectors.

Honeywell Smart Home Systems

Over the years Honeywell has taken measures to improve their security product offering by turning their attention to wireless and smart home systems. Smart home systems provide the same security measures as the hardwired and wireless options, but they offer a different level of convenience. For some homeowners, access control is essential in the decision-making stage and they want to have a system that can complete a variety of functions in one keypad. The smart home system offers these functionalities. Individuals can use their system to connect other wireless devices like HD Cameras and glass break detectors. The difference is access. Downloading an app on their smartphone or tablet, they can manage controls turning their system on and off even when they aren't in the house. Some plans also allow for the controlling of the thermostat, garage door, and other areas. Regardless of which you choose, Honeywell is a superior provider of home security products, and you can't go wrong.

Addressing Legacy Systems

The advancement of technology means you have access to great features that make it easier to do some of the simplest steps. The payoff is always large regardless, but that usually will mean something is left behind. When you are talking security, it refers to a lot of upgrades that can transfer to both Honeywell legacy and smart home devices. Recently, Honeywell announced the introduction of the new systems that they were going to streamline the back end user face to make it easier for alarm companies to monitor devices, change batteries, and track SKUs.

What These Updates Mean for Homeowners

The features are advanced and provide homeowners with additional security. A streamlined back-end means no breakup in connection, and you receive nothing but sophisticated service from your provider. Whether you've chosen to have a hardwired, wireless, or smart system, you will get a solution that integrates seamlessly. No one is left behind. All the same great applications are spread out throughout all devices to allow for the mix and mingle of features. A wired/wireless hybrid panel is available to integrate legacy users and a completely wireless panel for a smart home. Some great new features include:

  • All in one touchscreen

  • Bluetooth disarming system

  • Built in Amazon or Alexa integration

  • Self-monitoring through apps

  • Integration with sophisticated HD cameras and monitors

  • Keyfobs

  • Reporting tests

Learn more about the benefits of a Honeywell security system by contacting NCA Alarms.

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