10 Great Reasons for Installing a Home Security System

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The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program found that more than 2 million burglaries occurred throughout the United States and that nearly 75% of these burglaries occurred in residential properties. If millions of unlawful entries aren’t enough, here are 10 additional reasons to install a security system in your home.

Protecting Your Family and Your Possessions

Homes equipped with alarm systems are far less likely to be invaded than those without. Not only do alarms deter would-be criminals, but they also serve as a constant reminder to homeowners to secure common entry points like windows and doors. The New York Times reported that the average loss on a home with a security system was significantly less than losses suffered by households that were unprotected by an alarm.

Manage Your Household Remotely

Modern alarm systems allow you to keep an eye on your home, even when you’re not around. Remote monitoring means you can access your alarm system via computer or smartphone. This allows you to monitor cameras and motion sensors and to turn lights off or on. Remote monitoring allows parents to check in on kids or elderly parents, ensuring safety and peace of mind. If you’re away from your property for extended periods of time, adjusting interior lights gives the illusion of occupancy, providing an extra layer of protection against burglary.

Fire Loss Prevention

A great alarm system not only protects your home from unlawful entry, but also from potentially catastrophic losses caused by fire. A monitored alarm system provides critical early warning with heat, smoke, and fire detection capabilities. While traditional, stand-alone smoke and heat detectors are effective, they only work as a preventative measure when you’re home, and they can’t contact your local fire department for you.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

The Center for Disease Control reports that unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning kills more than 400 people every year. The colorless and odorless gas can be released by home heating systems, fireplaces, gas ranges, and other common household appliances. Carbon monoxide sensors alert occupants of dangerous leaks, and when used in conjunction with your home security system, these devices can even alert emergency medical responders to the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, helping ensure fast and effective medical care.

Providing Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your home is being professionally monitored while you’re away. Whether you work full-time, travel extensively, or are enjoying the vacation of your dreams, a home security system provides you with peace of mind. Or, if you’re an elderly, homebound, or otherwise incapacitated homeowner, a monitored alarm system helps guarantee that you’ll be able to contact the appropriate authorities and get out of your home quickly in the event of an emergency.

Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Every homeowner needs a solid insurance policy to offer coverage in the event of theft, fire, or weather-related disasters. Premiums vary based on the kind of home you live in, your neighborhood, and the level of coverage you need to protect your assets. Typically, homeowners with a home security system can expect a 10-20% discount off the total cost of their policy.

Protecting Your Valuables

While ensuring the safety of your loved ones is the first order of business, protecting precious family heirlooms is an added benefit of a home security system. The FBI reported that the average loss caused by unlawful entry was $2,119 per offense. So whether you’re safeguarding a box of antique jewelry or thousands of old photographs, a home alarm system is a smart investment that can protect your valuables and your family’s memories.

Protecting Your Identity

Identity theft costs Americans a whopping $24.7 billion in 2012. If you think that lockbox containing your social security card, mortgage documentation, car title, and retirement account information is going to deter a determined criminal, think again. A home security system protects not only your loved ones, beloved pets, and a lifetime of memories, but it can also protect your identity.

Save Money on Utility Bills

Smart homes save money. Home automation is increasingly common and this service allows you to control your home HVAC systems and certain appliances remotely. Reduce your energy consumption by turning your heating or air conditioning off while you’re away. Or, alternatively, prevent serious water damage caused by frozen pipes by dialing temperatures up a notch during the cold winter months. A home alarm system is a great way to increase your home’s IQ while protecting its contents.

Get Medical Assistance

If chronic medical conditions are a concern for you or for a loved one, many home alarm monitoring systems offer medical alerts or emergency pulls that can be located strategically throughout your home. These systems make it convenient for elderly family members or for those with special needs to request emergency medical services efficiently, even if you’re not around to provide assistance.

For more information about installing a home security system that’s right for you and for your family, contact NCA Alarms.

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