December 7, 2010: COPS Monitoring Deploys 4th and 5th Automation System Mainframes

In November COPS contracted with Zumasys, a leading-edge solutions provider for disaster recovery, server virtualization, and centralized storage, to deploy their fourth and fifth automation system mainframes in a highly secure off-site mega data center, called the SuperNAP (Network Access Provider), in Las Vegas, Nevada. The additional servers will supplement their three redundant mainframes located in their New Jersey headquarters.
The SuperNAP is reported to be the world’s most energy efficient, high-density, ultra-scale data center and houses servers and storage systems owned by many of the world’s most prominent companies. The SuperNAP is a 407,000 square foot computing facility made of steel reinforced concrete, protected by armed guards, accessible via multiple communications providers, and backed up by five custom-built power generators.

“In addition to the ability to monitor our alarm dealers’ alarms from any of our strategically located central stations, we can also process signals from our mainframes located at the SuperNAP,” stated Jim McMullen, president and COO of COPS Monitoring. “We’re sparing no expense when it comes to our ability to provide essential monitoring services. The great thing is that all of our alarm dealers, regardless of size, benefit from our mission to be the most consistent and reliable service provider in the industry.”


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