Back to School Safety Tips

Picture of a child's shoes standing near school supplies

As kids head back to school this fall, it’s important everyone stays safe. Whether taking the bus, biking or walking, there are a few important safety tips you can teach your kids take to help ensure they get to school safely. Set a time on the calendar to sit down with your children and go these back to school safety tips together.


When waiting for the bus, make sure your child remains away from the curb until the bus has come to a complete stop. In addition, he or she should check to see if any traffic is coming before crossing the street. While traffic is required to stop for school buses, not everyone obeys the rules, so it’s important to always board and exit the bus with caution.

Once on the bus, make sure your child does not move around while the vehicle is in motion.


If your child is riding a bike to school, make sure he or she always wear a helmet. Also, ensure your child always rides on the right side of the road, in the same direction as auto traffic.

Teach them proper hand signals to use when riding on the street with other vehicles and ensure they understand the rules of the road. Here again, wearing bright clothing and installing bike reflectors will help ensure your child is easily seen by traffic.


If your child is walking to school in an area where there is heavy traffic, you should consider starting a “walking school bus.” This is where an adult accompanies a group of students on their way to school. Make sure your child takes the safest route to school and uses streets that have a trained crossing guard that can help them cross.

Make sure to be realistic about whether or not your kid is ready to walk to school or not. Children can be impulsive and might accidently run out in traffic. If your kid is not ready to walk to school themselves, you should accompany them. Regardless of maturity, if this is a new school, you should walk with your child the first time to ensure they know the route.


If you are driving your child to school, keep in mind important safety tips. Make sure everyone in your vehicle has their seat belt on, refrain from talking or texting on the phone (as this will distract your from getting your children to school safely),  and obey all traffic laws and speed limits.

When driving in neighborhoods or schools zones be alert for children who may be walking on the side of the road or crossing the street. Also, make sure to look when backing out of your driveway to ensure there are no children behind your car. If you have a teenager who is driving to school, make sure to instruct them on how to be safe when driving.

We hope everyone has a safe and exciting school year. For more helpful safety and security tips, check out our blog today.

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