10 Best Home Security Add-ons

From smartphone-enabled light switches to remote keyfobs for your home security system, we’ve rounded up the 10 best home security options, features, and gadgets for your home. These incredible devices do double-duty by making your life easier while keeping you and your loved ones safe!

Smart Light Switches

These ingenious devices are a great way to reduce your energy bill while making it harder for potential burglars to determine whether or not you are home. At first glance, these technological wonders look pretty much like any other light switch; however, unlike the switches of yore, these new-fangled switches can be linked to your home WiFi network or security system.

This gives homeowners the flexibility to control lighting from anywhere at any time. In the event that your system senses someone in your yard, it can be programmed to flash the outdoor lights to deter the intruder. Or, if smoke is detected, the system could be programmed to illuminate a pathway from the bedrooms to the nearest exit. The possibilities are incredible!

Tom’s Guide offers some great smart light switch suggestions, buying tips, and installation advice.

Motorized Draperies

Motorized drapes or blinds may seem a little old-school, but like smart light switches, they’re a great way to confound burglars. Motorized window coverings, such as those sold by the Brentwood Blind Company can be programmed to open and close at different times of day based on your preferences and external conditions. Motorized blinds can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet and not only keep your home more secure but can keep your home naturally cool during the hot summer months or warm during a chilly winter.

Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Camera Security System

Wireless HD cameras such as the Arlo Pro are sleek, attractive, and scalable add-ons to your home security system. This wire-free system is perfect for the home or office. The Arlo’s unobtrusive cameras provide around-the-clock, real-time monitoring.Monitored Smoke Detectors

Monitored smoke detectors have you covered, no matter where you are. When these devices detect smoke inside your home, a local alarm is sounded and a signal is also sent through your home alarm system to the alarm company’s central station monitoring. The monitoring agent will then notify the fire department. Enjoy peace of mind and the security of knowing that if an alarm is triggered, the fire department is on its way.  

Motion Detector

A motion detector should be the heart of your security system because it detects movement when there shouldn’t be any. Modern motion sensors use one or more technologies (such as passive infrared or microwave) to sense motion in a specific area. If the sensor is tripped, a signal is sent to your monitoring service and they’re on the case. While the primary purpose is to detect an intruder, motion detectors can also let you know if your kid’s breaking curfew, alert you to outside motion, or let you know if your pets are hanging out where they shouldn’t be.

Glass Break Sensors

Much like a motion detector, a glass break detector senses activity where there shouldn’t be any. These sensors detect the sound or frequency of shattered window panes and trigger an immediate alarm. The sound of a local alarm will likely deter an intruder and the monitoring service’s quick actions can help in the apprehension of criminals.

Keyfob Remote

If you’re looking for convenience and simplicity, it doesn’t get any better than a keyfob remote. This inexpensive security system add-on makes life easy. Keyfobs typically enable you to arm, disarm, or trigger your alarm system remotely and works up to 150’ from your system’s panel.

Smartphone app remote

For those who are tired of cumbersome keychains and for users whose cell phones are usually attached to the palm of their hands, then a smartphone app remote may be just the ticket. At NCA our smartphone app, which integrates with our Residential Wireless/Cellular GSM Monitoring service allows clients to remotely arm and disarm the system for just $5 per month.

Electronic or Smart Door Locks

If the smartphone app rings your bells, then you may appreciate electronic or smart door locks. These convenient devices mean fewer keys to juggle and the ability to monitor when someone enters or exits the house. You can even assign user-specific entry codes! For working families, these locks are a great way to know when the kids are home from school or can be installed on doors to extra-sensitive areas like art rooms, wine cellars, home music studios, or gun safes. For buying tips, take a look at PC Mag’s Best Smart Locks of 2017.

Digital Cellular Module

If you’re looking for a fail-safe security system, this is a must-have add-on. A digital cellular module enables your home security alarm system to send distress calls and communicate with your monitoring service without the use of a landline. In the event that your landline is severed by human intruders or severe weather, this device will keep you and your family safely connected.

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