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C.O.P.S.Monitoring, your hometown central station, has been serving independent alarm dealers since 1978.

Through the years, C.O.P.S. Monitoring has always offered the leading edge in technology and we’re known for our personal service. Today, in addition to our New Jersey headquarters, we have expanded our operations with central stations in Arizona, Florida, and Tennessee. However, no matter how much we grow, C.O.P.S. operates with the same values of dedication and a total commitment that we had when we began. We were here yesterday, we’re here today, and we will be here leading the way tomorrow.

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Why we chose COPS Monitoring

Since 1978, they built their foundation and our success on helping independent alarm dealers like us be more successful and to return your time by providing convenient and simplistic tools to help run your business. Just as much of our business is centered on field operations such as selling, installing, and maintaining alarm equipment, their business is exclusively focused on you.

Today, COPS Monitoring is the one of the largest independently-owned wholesale alarm monitoring companies in the United States with four load-sharing sites, and they have been serving Dealers for over 34 years. This is important for four reasons:

First, as they grow, so does our ability to serve. Their large Customer base that spans North America, Canada, and the Caribbean requires them to develop, maintain, and improve upon robust and industry-leading services, monitoring capabilities, and tools that satisfy a wide array of needs and preferences. We have the unique ability to provide large company benefits while maintaining our “hometown” level of personal service.

Second, their four load-sharing centers give them the unparalleled ability to provide fast, efficient, and professional monitoring, even under the worst conditions. Having multiple centers not only gives us backup in the event of unlikely equipment failures, it also means that they can staff any one of our central stations in the event that local conditions prevent our dispatchers from getting to work. In fact, they have proven time and time again that when local conditions affect one of their locations (such as blizzards, hurricanes, floods, etc), they have consistently outperformed their average response time by over-staffing our other locations. It’s like paying for one monitoring company and getting four! Furthermore, in addition to their three redundant mainframes that monitor your accounts in their New Jersey headquarters, they have two more redundant mainframes in one of the world’s largest and most reliable data centers (the SuperNAP) in Las Vegas. This is a level of reliability that other monitoring companies just don’t have.

Third, they don’t hire just anyone to be a dispatcher. The person handling our alarms must have the right professional demeanor, temperament, and overall personality that is right for the job. Then, they must be thoroughly trained. That’s why their rigorous recruiting, hiring, training, advancement, and incentive tools were all designed over several years under the direct supervision of an industrial psychologist. The programs are continually refined to ensure that they only hire and maintain the very best people to serve you.

How Your NCA Alarm is Handled

A Few Things To Know About Our Alarm Systems:

When your security system goes into alarm, it will send the emergency information into our Central Station by means of your landline telephone system or your digital cellular dialer.

When this occurs, and you are using a landline to communicate, the alarm system may “seize” your telephone line in order to transmit this information. During this time, which may take up to 30-seconds, you may not be able to use your landline telephone. There will be no dial tone. After the emergency information is transmitted to our Central Station, your telephone line will be released for use.

You have chosen NCA to monitor your security alarm system. We strive to provide the very best in fast and dependable monitoring service for all our customers.

To provide this level of service, it is imperative that we have a high level of customer co-operation. We ask that you read and familiarize yourself with the procedures in this brochure so you can join in our efforts to make your monitoring service the best possible.

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