5500 DSC Custom Alpha

Alarm Panel:

Control Keypad for the 5500 DSC Custom Alpha alarm system - NCA Alarms Nashville TN

*Note: This style keypad may be used by several panels


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Finding Your Alarm System Model Number


6160 Honeywell Custom Alpha Main Control Box

Most alarm panels normally have the model information on a sticker inside the lid of the main panel box. This is not the keypad used to arm and disarm; instead, look for a tan metal box about 16” square. It will probably be tucked away in a closet or laundry room, and may or may not have a locking lid. It could just be screwed shut and you will need a screw driver.

If you don’t have a key, look on top of the panel. Or, check the “catch-all” drawer in the kitchen. It will be smaller than a house key, with teeth cut on only one side.

Once the lid is open, locate the panel information. Most lids have a wiring diagram sticker on the inside of them.  Usually the make and model number is in a larger bold font than the rest of the text.  (Please see some sample pictures below.)

If there is not a sticker present, look directly on the control panel itself.  The control panel looks like a mother board that would be in a computer.  It almost always has a green background.  (Please see the sample pictures below.)

Check the selected areas for model numbers.